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Industry standard balanced audio cable for permanent installation. Stranded tinned-copper conductors are easy to solder or punch-down. A high grade polyethylene dielectric is used to minimize high frequency attenuation, while excellent process control and tight pair twisting achieves superior noise rejection. Foil shield with same gage drain wire facilitates quick shield termination. Twentytwo gage conductors offer the lowest DCR available in any Gepco single-pair product. Ideal for punch-down, rack wiring, and extended distance runs of mic level signals.

61801EZ (m)

SKU: 61801EZ
    Low Attenuation
    Low Crosstalk (Dual-pair)
    Easy to Terminate
    Polyethylene, Teflon, or Halar Dielectric
    Easy-strip, Bonded Foil Shield (EZ Versions)
    CMR Riser or CMP Plenum Rated
    Microphone or Line Level 
    Balanced Analog Audio
    Patchbay, Rack, or Console Permanent Installation Wiring
    Ideal for Extended Distance Runs

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